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Oh happy day! Meredith Zeitlin, author of the fresh and funny debut novel Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters, is here with a guest post. And I’m adding in a sweet giveaway. Probably this combination will blow you out of the water. As it should. Read on and learn of the author’s youthful shenanigans, check back tomorrow for a review of the book, and read to the very end of the post for a giveaway opportunity!

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Note to readers: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!

Okay. So if you've read the book – or just my bio – you've probably figured out that Kelsey's disastrous adventures are based on my own. Of course, I did do SOME work as an author – changing details, protecting the innocent, etc. So let's see if you can tell fact from fiction, shall we?

I broke my front tooth off on a bottle of Skyy vodka in my friend's living room.
A junior picked me as her special pet for torture my freshman year. 

I was forced to play Goalie (at which I had zero experience) because of a jerk who was out to get me, and I got cleated in the back by a girl on an opposing team. It hurt a LOT.

I won the “Unsung Hero” Award at a sports banquet.

After waiting and waiting for the PERFECT first kiss, I had mine at 14 with a guy who stuck his tongue down my throat and then – after I gagged and said it was horrible - told me I was doing it wrong. He was sure he was right because his “brother in college” told him exactly how to “French” girls.
I played Lazar Wolf the butcher in a production of “Fiddler on the Roof.”
My friend betrayed me by hooking up with the guy I liked.

I went to the Junior Prom with a guy who got kicked out for illegal activities.

My mother made me shop at Loehmann's despite my protests and hatred of the communal dressing rooms. 

A series of horrible photos of me showed up in the school paper for a year.

FALSE. It was Smirnoff, and we were in her bedroom (trick question! Bwahahahaha). I really did tell my mother that I'd done it on a bottle of old-fashioned root beer, though. That did not go over well.
TRUE. She was pissed that I got a part in the school play as a frosh and made no secret about it. I tried to make it better by sucking up – just like Kelsey does – which completely backfired. It was awful. Interestingly, I re-met my “Julie Nelson” as an adult and we became friends. She barely remembered torturing me at school! Which just goes to show that in many cases, we're all so busy dealing with our own insecurities that we don't even realize what vibes we might be giving off to other people.
FALSE. That happened to my sister, not me. I played lacrosse in high school (abysmally).
TRUE. It was, and still is, one of my proudest achievements, especially because I was totally surprised. (Thanks Ms. Cantrell!) I stank at lacrosse. Mostly I practiced baton-twirling with my stick and tried to distract the girl guarding me with chitchat. But I really did try my best when the ball got anywhere near me, and I had a ton of fun. 

TRUE. Totally, depressingly true. I'm still not over the disappointment.
FALSE. I played Tevye. Seriously. It was an all-girls' production, which only doubled the absurdity of the whole thing. There is video footage, which I've left to my best friend Sara in my will. I had to wear a gross fat suit and a snarled beard, which did in fact fall off during the show (though not quite as conspicuously as Kelsey's).

TRUE. More times than I can remember. Welcome to high school... and college.
TRUE. It wasn't even at my own school! I went to a girls' school, so we'd get asked to proms by the guys at our “brother” schools. I barely knew my date and ended up having to make new friends – fast. It was ridiculous. I don't actually remember how I got home that night, now that I think about it. What a mess.
TRUE. Did anyone's mother NOT do this to them? If so, would s/he like an adopted sister?

FALSE. That one I totally made up. Haven't I suffered enough, for crying out loud!?
Thanks for playing! How'd ya do? ;)

Wasn’t that fun? I know you want to win a copy of Meredith Zeitlin’s debut Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters. And I just so happen to be giving away one copy! Simply fill out the FORM! Giveaway open internationally, will close on March 31, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. Book will ship via the Book Depository. Winner will be notified via email. Good luck!


Jasmine Rose said...

This post was so fun. The old-fashioned root beer excuse was one of my favorite parts! It's so funny that it's true :P
My freshman year was never that crazy, but it's rather enjoyable to read about ;]

Anonymous said...

What an awesome guest post - and thanks for the opportunity to win this book! It sounds amazing!

Cecelia said...

Jasmine: I have to admit that I wish I had thought of some of Meredith's 'excuses' when I was a kid - I would have gotten away with a few more things... *grin*

Ginny said...


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